With Josh leading the charge as 2v1's early adopter and Nick as its self-admitted laggard, Alex usually finds himself in the middle of the curve. Alex adores intensive RPGs, survival horror, online shooters, and long walks on the beach. He's also susceptible to paralyzing nostalgia induced by video game music. Among Alex's all-time favorite titles are FFVII, Oblivion, and Mass Effect. Follow Alex @Sworbachev

Joshua Alan Simon, clandestine squirrel lover, finds joy in assassinating Spartans in the dark, anally collecting (dust free) vinyls and books, and masochistically completing twitchy arcade games. Argumentatively inept, his only defense mechanism is Game of Thrones spoilers. Josh will forever pride himself with knowing the Halo 2 campaign inside-and-out, and will never admit to shedding a tear in the Last of Us.

Metal-head, hermit, and an open-minded gamer - Nick enjoys the art and criticism side of the industry, attempting to play as many varied types of games as possible. PC is his currently preferred platform, but consoles are his roots.
Nick has a YouTube channel, and video games lay within.