Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ep. #93 - Gears of War 4

Is it 2016...or 2006? Gears of War 4 is here and it's more of the same but still feels fresh (?), bringing back the Locust (but not actually the Locust) and robots.

Nick is enraptured with Thumper, a new rhythm-action game from ex-Harmonix devs, Drool. Gears is Gears, but now with some possibly-slimy business decisions attached (2016!). Josh & Nick have a wonderfully good time in Overcooked. Alex is still playing Resident Evil 4 but finally finishes Witcher 3. Spoilers for Witcher 3 at 1:12.00.

Also discussed: Overwatch's Halloween event, Super Mega Extra Baseball, Exploding Samsung phones and Steam Televisions.

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