Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ep. #135 - Always Watching

There's nothing better than a walk through the woods to clear your head. Pro tip: be sure to wear your solar powered backpack so you can keep your Nintendo Switch charged as you bask in Nature's glory. Though be warned: every movement you make is being recorded by a network of drones synced to an AI for 'your safety' and everyone will know when a bear catches you off guard as you frantically attempt to shoot a few more drops of ink in Splatoon 2.

This week, 2v1 is joined by regular-guest Cody to talk about customer service woes, Destiny 2 hype, Battlegrounds fatigue and multitasking. Josh still loves Pyre and Nick gets voyeuristic in Tacoma.

Also discussed: Street Fighter V, Splatoon 2, SNES cancellations and TellTale

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